BMS update is here,

all update documents can be downlaoded here.

Update tool software V1.03 is for: BMS8T, BMS16T, BMS16 v2.0 and BMS24T v3.0, and USB driver for windows if need install.

Update tool v1.03

USB driver for windowns

Update tool software V1.02 is for 5006B, 5008B, 50010B and C4012B, BMS16 v1.16 or lower version, BMS24T v2.2 or lower version, need install USB driverupgraderV1.02, USB driver
update instructions

BMS update instructions

BMS V4.02 update instructions

update NOTESBMS update notes
Communication Protocol for BMS8T, BMS16T and BMS24TCommunication Protocol V1.25
Product model / Description
firmware for different BMS model

BMS8T main unit update to V4.02

BMS8T LCD module update to V4.02

BMS8T-100 main unit v4.02

BMS8T-100 main unit v4.0

BMS8T-100 main unit v1.22
BMS8T-300 main unit v4.02
BMS8T-300 main unit v4.0
BMS8T-300 main unit v1.22
BMS8T-600 main unit v4.02
BMS8T-600 main unit v4.0
BMS8T-600 main unit v1.22
BMS8T LCD module V4.02
BMS8T LCD module V4.01
BMS8T LCD module V4.0
BMS8T LCD module V3.03
BMS8T manual (5465K )

BMS16T main unit update to V4.02

BMS16T LCD module update to V4.02

BMS16T-100 main unit v1.22
BMS16T-100 main unit v4.0
BMS16T-100 main unit v4.02
BMS16T-300 main unit v1.22
BMS16T-300 main unit v4.0
BMS16T-300 main unit v4.02
BMS16T-600 main unit v1.22
BMS16T-600 main unit v4.0
BMS16T-600 main unit v4.02
BMS16T LCD module V3.03
BMS16T LCD module V4.0
BMS16T LCD module V4.01
BMS16T LCD module V4.02
 BMS16T manual (5452K )

the NEW BMS24T has com3 port on left panel, it is with NEW hardware, main unit is with v1.18 program, LCD is with V3.0 program, new main unit must fit with new V3.0 LCD.

BMS24T main unit update to V4.02

BMS24T LCD module update to V4.02

BMS24T-100 main unit v1.22

BMS24T-100 main unit v4.0
BMS24T-100 main unit v4.02
BMS24T-300 main unit v1.22
BMS24T-300 main unit v4.0
BMS24T-300 main unit v4.02
BMS24T-600 main unit v1.22
BMS24T-600 main unit v4.0
BMS24T-600 main unit v4.02
BMS24T LCD module V3.03
BMS24T LCD module V4.0
BMS24T LCD module V4.01
BMS24T LCD module V4.02
BMS24T manual (5207K)

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