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For the converter, the output voltage and current can be customized, the MOQ is 100pcs and developping is free.

Thank you for purchasing the Chargery SUPER BECs. This is a very powerful BEC, which offers interesting security features. Depending on the models, it makes a continuous current of up to 20A at an input voltage of up to 58V. The Chargery SUPER BEC is highly efficient and has been designed for safe use with all the proven 2.4 GHz RC receivers and modern servos. It combines security with a constant voltage supply for your RC model and makes use of an external receiver battery superfluous. Hereby Chargery SUPER BEC improves the power to weight ratio of your RC model. The Chargery SUPER BEC current is perfectly adapted to the needs of digital servos with high power consumption.


  •  Wide input voltage range from 9V to 58V (3 to 14 LiPo Cells). Minimum 12V input for 8.4V applications. 
  • High current capability of up to 20Amps continuous, 25Amp peak with enough ventilation for different model.
  • High power output that handles multiple servos including digital servos. 
  • Built-in Current and Thermal overload protection.  Short circuit protection on input and output 
  • Over voltage protection on output, when output voltage over 10.0V, the BEC will turn off within 0.1uS prevent receiver and servo from burning or fire. 
  • Less than 1mA consumption when no load, It is very useful if you forget disconnect the battery and SUPER BEC after landing, the unit can save any small power for your model. 
  • LED status indicator gives visual feedback. 
  • Ideal for R/C model 2.4GHz radio systems.


  • Input voltage: DC 9-58V or 3S to 14S lipo battery.
  • Output voltage: DC 5.5V, 6V, 7.4V and 8.4V selectable output voltage.
  • Output current : High current capability of up to 10Amps continuous, 15Amps peak at input under 12V, 8Amps continuous, 12Amps at input under 25V.
  • LED indicator: blue LED indicate the output “GOOD”
  • Size: L58*W45*H21mm
  • Weight: 80g excluding wires for CPBEC15A and CPBEC20A, 70g for CPBEC10A

Package Contents:

  • Chargery SUPER BEC unit: 1pcs 
  • Output wire: 4pcs 
  • User Instruction Manual: 1pcs

Connection diagram

Voltage selectable switcher


Order information

OUTPUT CURRENT10A continue, 15A peak15A continue, 20A peak
20A continue, 25A peak




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