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NOTE: Buy BMS and charger combo can save 30usd.  The charger C6830B can charge 4S-16S LiPo/LiFe battery at 30A 1500W.

The Chargery BMS16T is designed especially for LiPo, LiFe and LiTo battery packs applied to Energy Storage   Systems and Electrical Vehicles including E-Motorcycle, E-Scooter and so on. The unit can measure or detect the battery voltage, cell voltage, charge & discharge current, battery temperature, and battery SOC (State of Charge), with the information displayed on the TFT color LCD screen.  It has an Internal balancing function to balance cells to maintain optimal operations of the battery pack being managed. 


1. The BMS16T uses advanced ADC measurement technology, high accuracy, high voltage and high current detection circuit. The maximum voltage measurements tolerance is within 5mV at up to 16S LiPo battery (67.2V)

2. Supports regenerative braking, during braking operation it can charge the battery pack and the discharge power (Wh) will increase in response to the braking power.

3. Charge/discharge current up to 600A. Larger current support can be custom ordered. 

4. 1.2A per cell balance current is very useful for large capacity battery pack, this feature can restore all cell voltage balance in the shortest time. Over temperature protection ensures the system safety during balancing.

5. BMS16T calculates and displays the charge and discharge power (Wh), generally the battery rated power is rated voltage multiplied by rated battery capacity.

6. TFT LCD screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, battery status, SOC and temperature and so on.

7. BMS16T features maximum safety protections, within the range parameters that can be setup, BMS16T will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to users’ setup, out of range parameters and triggered absolute maximum settings BMS16T will force cutoff charge / discharge to protect the battery.

8. Minimize the power consumption by draw current from all cells or external power supply. 

9. Dual power design, the unit can be powered by all the cells or an external power supply.

10. Detect cell count at any time, and compare with the count detected when switched on first time. If inconsistent, the device will alarm and cutoff charge or discharge according to user setup, this is a safety feature is if a cell becomes loose.

11. Sound alarm and LED alarm will be triggered if any warning events occur, it will wait several seconds, then disconnect charge / discharge if required. The delay time can be programmed.

12. The Charge and Discharge relays are controlled independently. 

13. Two temperature sensors monitor battery temperature for different positions on the pack.

14. Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port. 

15. BMS16T provide users the maximum flexibility, key parameters can be programmed.

16. BMS16T displays battery SOC as a dial gauge. Cell count, battery pack voltage and battery gauge (%) temperature is displayed simultaneously.

17. In case the battery pack is not to be charged / discharged and put into storage mode, Press STOP button enter into Sleep Mode to save energy consumption, Charge / Discharge are disabled and the LCD back light is turned off. Press any key to resume normal work mode.

18. LCD back light ON time can be programmed to save energy, when it is OFF, press any key to activate. 

Technical specifications

1. Battery range: 2S-16S LiPo & LiFe, LTO battery pack on BMS16T

2. Accurate scope of the cell voltage: -5mV/+5mV on BMS16T

3. Cell Voltage display range: 0.10~4.99V

4. The voltage of external power:13-60V, 3A 5. Balance current:1.2A per cell

6. Temperature display range:-20℃~150℃, 

7. SOC indicator: 

  •  RED area @ 0~15% of SOC 
  •  YELLOW area @ 16~35% of SOC
  •  GREEN area @ 36~100% of SOC

8. Main module Size: 124×95×30 (L×W×T, mm) or 4.88×3.74×1.18 (L×W×T, inch)

9. Main module weight: 365g excluding accessories

10. Display module size:96×80×24 (L×W×T, mm) or 3.8×3.2×0.95 (L×W×T, inch) 

11. Display module weight:130g

12. Warning LED: 11000mCd, @ 2.0V, 20mA 

13. Warning beeper: 85dB @ 12V, 25mA

Maximum Charge and Discharge Current

Maximum Charge and Discharge Current (A)100300600


  • BMS main unit: 1pcs
  • BMS LCD unit: 1pcs
  • Standard accessories: 1 set
  • Current shunt: 1pcs


  • Shunt is calibrated before delivery
  • Each cell volatage is calibrated before delivery
  • Watch below video before installation
  • Read Owner manual carefully before operation
  • More details please contact us at or visit



please visit 


Current Shunt

Optional DCC contactor----delivery default here is DCC on common port. if need DCC on separate port, please buy on DCC contactor detail pages.

External power board

the External power Board is for connecting battery to external socke on BMS, avoid battery power BMS by voltage sense wire, then improve cell voltage accuracy.

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