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Chargery 500W Series Balancer Charger is built-in Balancer, Charger and Discharger even cell impedence tester. it can charge up to 10S  LiPo, LiTo, LiFe battery at 20A, 500W, 1.3A balance current per cell and 35W discharge at 10A.


1. Unique charge architecture realized better transient response to any changes of voltage on input and output.

2. The charger use advanced ADC measurement technology, high accuracy, high voltage and high current detection circuit. The maximum voltage easurements tolerance is within 5mV at up to 10S LiPo battery.

3. The charger adopts advance balance circuit and Algorithm, constant 1.3A per cell balance current is very useful for large capacity battery pack, the feature can resume all cell voltage balance status at the shortest time. Over temperature protection make sure the system safety during balance.

4. Charger internal temperature protection. When the internal temperature exceeds the reduce temperature, the output power is automatically decreased; and the charger will stop working when temperature exceeds the shut-down temperature.

5. Intelligent fan control circuit sense internal temperature via temperature sensor, to thereby control the fan speed. 

6. TFT LCD screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, time, working status and temperature and so on.

7. The charger features a maximal safety protection,   

  • Reversed polarity protection on input and output,  
  •  Anti-spark on input and output  
  •  Wrong battery pack connection protection when multi battery pack connected in series on adapter board. 
  •  Charge time, charge capacity and battery temperature protection

8. Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port.

Technical specifications

1. Input voltage: DC 10-28V, 30V max.

2. Input Current: 25A maximal

3. Charge current: 0.1-20A, 500W max.

4. Discharge Current: 0.1-10A, 35W max.

5. Accuracy of the cell voltage: -5mV/+5mV

6. Balance current: 1.3A per cell only for LiPoly, Li-ion and LiFePO4 battery pack 

7. Battery Type: LiPoly, Li-ion, LiHV, LiTo, LiFePO4, NiMh/NiCd, Pb acid(VRLA) battery pack 

LiPo/LiHV battery
LiTo battery
LiFePO4 battery
NiMH/NiCd battery
Pb battery
1-12S (24V)
1-12S (24V)
1-18S (45V)

Mechanical Characteristics  

  •  Size:154*114*33 (L×W×H, mm) or 6.1×4.48×1.3 (L×W×H, inch) 
  •  Weight: 680g  
  •  Input power cable: AWG14 wire, 600mm length 


  • Charger unit: 1pcs 
  •  Power cable: 1pcs, AWG14 wire, 320mm length with 4mm gold male connector  
  •  USB data line: 1pcs 
  •  Temperature sense lead: 1pcs  
  •  adapter wire: 1pcs, connect charger to adapter board 
  •  adapter board:1pcs 



Adapter Board

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