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The Battery Charger has been designed to provide reliable, quality charging for battery systems in electric drive vehicles.  It can charge up to 8S LiFe battery at 60A , 1500W at AC90V~265V in a smaller size. Many creative technology help to realize up to 94% of efficiency, and the internal temperature is still under 90℃. The following are some new features: 


  • Intelligent control output voltage and current by microprocessor, 100% calibration before delivery 
  •  ±1% voltage and current accuracy 
  •  Active PFC: smaller AC input current less interference, and Conform to European Commission Regulation no 278/2009 and Energy Star Version 2.0 
  • AC 90-265V worldwide operation: need not any alternative switcher, worldwide safe operation. 
  • Low power consumption (less than 1W) at idle mode and standby mode 
  • Up to 94% of convert efficiency.  
  • Programmable output voltage from 10V to 30V 
  • Programmable output current from 1A to 60A 
  • TFT color LCD display output Voltage, current, power and internal temperature on time. 
  • Over current, over voltage, over load, over temperature, and short circuit protection 
  • Short-circuit protection on output, safer and more reliable. 
  • 2 Intelligent cooling fans turned on and adjust speed upon the temperature automatically  
  • ZVS/ZCS and Synchronous Rectification assure the highest efficiency.  
  • High power density: 652W/Kg 
  • Approved by CE 
  •  24 months warranty 


  • Rated Voltage : AC110 / 220V
  • Voltage allowed:AC90 ~ 265V 
  • Rated Freq.   :50/60Hz 
  • Freq. Allowed :47~63Hz 
  • Max Current  :  18A @90V, 7.5A @220V  
  • Efficiency: 94% at 65% load and 220Vac input. 
  • Active PFC: PF>0.99 at 90VAC and 100% of load; PF>0.97 at 220VAC and 100% of load 

Output   as Power Supply

  • Voltage :10 ~ 30V programmed  
  • Voltage accuracy: ±1% 
  • Current accuracy: ±1% 
  • Ripple voltage: 150mV. 
  • Current:5 ~ 60A programmed  
  • Power: 1500W max. 

Output   as Charger

  • Charge current: 1-60A, 1500W max. 
  • Battery Type


  • Over voltage protection, 
  • Under voltage Protection, battery voltage is under 2V, don’t charge. 
  • Over current protection, 
  • Over charge power protection, 1500W max. 
  • Over temperature protection, 90℃ max. 
  • Short- circuit protection on output. 
  • Anti spark on battery connection even 30V battery connect to charger 
  • Reverse polarity protection of battery connection
  • Prevent any cell from over charging, adjust charge current automatically fit with Chargery BMS 

Mechanical Characteristics  

  • Size:278*145*68 (L*W*H, mm) or 10.8 * 6.7 * 2.7 (L*W*H, inch) 
  • Weight: 2.46Kg without input cable 
  • Input power cable: AWG14 wire,  1.5m length 
  • Output DC connector: XT-90I male connector on C3060A or XT-90 male connector on C3060B 


  • Charger unit: 1pcs  
  • Power cable for AC: 1pcs, AWG14 wire, 1500mm length  
  • Communiation wire: 1pcs  
  • XT-90 or XT-90I female conntor:1pcs 

Order Information

  • C3060A-----Remote control charge current 
  • C3060B-----Automatic charge




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