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BMS8 is a high efficiency wide input voltage BMS, the device can detect and monitor 3S to 8S LiPo and LiFePO4 cells voltage and charge or discharge current, battery temperature in a smaller size.


  • Detect and display pack voltage, difference of cell voltage and temperature, each cell voltage by microprocessor, 100% calibration before delivery make sure the high accuracy. 
  • Over Voltage protection during charge, BMS8 will cut off charge and sound warning by beeper 
  • Under Voltage protection during discharge, BMS8 will cut off discharge and sound warning by beeper 
  • Over temperature protection during charge or discharge, BMS8 will cut off charge or discharge and sound warning by beeper 
  • Over current and short circuit protection,  
  • Cut off discharge when 25A to 100A discharge current for different continuous time. It means the e-scooter don’t lose power under 100A, such as the e-Scooter can be powered at 40A for 1 second at least, and cut off, then resume automatically. 
  • 100A or more when short circuit, cut off discharge automatically and resume 10 seconds later. 
  • Dual protection by program and hardware, more reliable. 
  • Low Quiescent current design, BMS8 draw current from all cells to keep the cell voltage balanced and minimize the power consumption in stand-by. 
  • AL alloy case 
  • Approved by CE 
  • 12 months warranty 


  • Battery Types: LiPo and LiFe cells 
  • Cells Count :  3S - 8S 
  • Maximal Voltage on P+ and P-: 35V 
  • Maximal Voltage on B+ and B-: max. 35V 
  • Charge Current: up to 25A 
  • Discharge current: 0~25A continue, 100A burst 
  • Current drain for balancing: 300mA/cell. 
  • Balance accuracy: <10mV 
  • Over Charge Protection Voltage: 4.20V/cell (LiPo), 3.75V/cell(LiFe)  
  • Over Charge Release Voltage: 4.15V/cell (LiPo), 3.45V/cell(LiFe) 
  • Over Discharge Protection Voltage: 3.0V/cell (LiPo), 2.0V/cell(LiFe) 
  • Over Discharge Release Voltage: 3.3V/cell (LiPo), 2.30V/cell(LiFe) 
  • Over temperature Protection: 85℃,50℃ resume automatically 
  • Voltage display resolution: 0.001V  
  • Voltage Detection precision: 0.005V 
  • Compact size: 115 x 68 x 15mm, or 4.52” x 2.67” x 0.59” 
  • Weight:150g 
  • Case : Aluminum Alloy 


BMS8 manual

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