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The alternator on a car or boat needs 12V or 24V in order to magnetise the field on the alternator. Without that it will produce no current at all. Regulating this current is used in the internal regulation on an alternator to regulate the output of the alternator. The same capability is used on external regulators as Balmar or Grassder Smart Charge one or Sterling ProReg-D. When the batteries have reached floating level they will send less current through the magnetising field of the alternator in order to limit the output.

When BMS cut off charging by “open” DCC or relay directly, this will burn the diodes in the alternator. 

The Alternator saver can switch off the magnetising current to the field of the alternator just 3 seconds before the contactor switch off, so protect the diodes of the alternator. 


A small isolated relay cutting the power to the magnetising field could do the trick, the relay will be “open” first by the Saver board before DCC cut off charging.


The feature could be useful for many boaters and others who charges with alternators.

The board can be used on  Chargery BMS8T model.


  • DC connector to ISO board : XHR-4AW
  • DC connector to DCC: PHR-4AW
  • DC connector to small relay: EHR-2AW
  • Delay time to cut off DCC: 3 seconds
  • Size: 46*26mm
  • Weitght: 10g


Common port cable

Seperate Cable

Small relay cable

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