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The Chargery BMS LCD unit is fit with BMS16T. 

The unit can setup all parameters and display all data when battery is in storage, in charging and in discharging. with waring LED and beeper, can alarm when any error trigger.


1. TFT LCD screen provides rich information including current, voltage, power, capacity, battery status, SOC and temperature and so on.

2. Sound alarm and LED alarm will be triggered if any warning events occur, it will wait several seconds, then disconnect charge / discharge if required. The delay time can be programmed.

3. Supports upgrading the firmware program by USB port. 

4. In case the battery pack is not to be charged / discharged and put into storage mode, Press STOP button enter into Sleep Mode to save energy consumption, Charge / Discharge are disabled and the LCD back light is turned off. Press any key to resume normal work mode.

5. LCD back light ON time can be programmed to save energy, when it is OFF, press any key to activate. 

Technical specifications

1. Display module size:96×80×24 (L×W×T, mm) or 3.8×3.2×0.95 (L×W×T, inch) 

2. Display module weight:130g

3. Warning LED: 11000mCd, @ 2.0V, 20mA 

4. Warning beeper: 85dB @ 12V, 25mA


  • BMS LCD unit: 1pcs

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Before ship, the LCD module is always with the latest porgram, if the BMS don't start due to the program vesion don't match, please update your BMS main unit.

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